The Roof Solutions Advantage

Minority woman owned, veteran managed business.

RSI will:

Meet your specific objectives & roof requirements

  • save time
  • save money
  • consulting services unconditionally guaranteed

Unbiased Representation – We Work For You!

Regardless if the objective is to buy one year’s time or install a thirty year roof system, straightforward and unbiased solutions are provided by RSI. Unlike contractors we never have pressure resulting from potential crew layoffs or profit generation. Unlike manufacturers we do not depend on the sale of material for income. Unlike other professional firms, we do not depend on percentages based on contract amounts.

No profit motive conflict

Clients who have us providing single source asset management know our profits are typically within 10% of each other. Regardless of the mission: maintain, repair, restore, or replace, the discounting schedule keeps fees in line preventing recommendations based on the wrong reasons. Contractors, manufacturers, and other professional firms make ten times as much for reroofing versus repair. Only Roof Solutions unique structure and experience allows true, complete single source roofing service with unbiased owner representation.

Roof Solutions saves client millions according to Honeywell in RSI Magazine

A competitive bidding process helped reduce building owner’s cost of new four-ply roof.

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