Project Profiles – Documented Cost Savings
Mitsubishi Polyester Film

This client required a few million dollars worth of reroofing. A manufacturer negotiated a “single source” approach along with “heavily discounted” materials. The manufacturer arranged to have specifications developed, conducted a prebid meeting with four contractors, and a bid review. Financing was also offered.

This approach along with buying materials direct has been a smoke and mirrors ploy dating back to early 1980’s to lock in sales; and profits. The bids came in well over a million dollars over budget.

Mitsubishi decided to hire Roof Solutions to design the project. The design included four manufactures including the one who just conducted the “single source” bidding. We kept their system unchanged. We matched the system with what all agreed were three equal alternates. The design included hundreds of specific CAD drawings and significant instruction specific to the project. This had been lacking in the earlier bidding.

The four contractors who had bid earlier were invited along with three more. Despite the increase in detailing, the bids came down almost two million dollars. Even the original contractors who bid the original system lowered their pricing significantly. This opened eyes as they bid the same system with significantly higher detail standards. This project received a third party write-up and may be reviewed under articles.

Project Profiles – Documented Cost Savings
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