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Documented Cost Savings – EDS

Roof Solutions Incorporated (RSI) was asked to evaluate a roofing situation, ready to be awarded for amounts approaching half a million dollars. Prior to this request, one of the nations largest single source contractors had issued a proposal and set of specifications for the Owner to use in soliciting additional competitive bids. Several more bids were obtained. The criteria established, played to the strong suit of the contractor who assisted in developing the standards, and they were the lowest bidder. Then RSI became involved.

RSI provided open analysis, showing how the restrictive nature of the criteria eliminated quality competitive bidding. The responsibility for proper design was also demonstrated to be the Owner’s responsibility and liability, despite being developed and issued by the contractor. Numerous design flaws and code violations, including wind uplift, were identified. The Owner requested a revamped and thorough set of bid documents be developed.

Using the same material as originally requested, the new documents included significant upgrades in detailing, warranty coverage and code compliance. This design included the same material and contractors originally used.

Two additional manufacturers and contractors were injected into the process.  All parties agreed these additions were equal or superior to those already in play. The new document had unquestionably increased detailing requirements and provided an independent design covered by professional liability insurance.

One prebid meeting attended by all contractors and other involved parties began a comprehensive bid process. The results proved surprising to the Owner as the cost was reduced by almost 10%, with a significant increase in quality. Of significant interest was the fact that the original bidders also lowered their prices despite the same system with tougher and more comprehensive detailing being bid. One of the countries premier contractors, The Charles F. Evans Company (CFE), was awarded the contract.

The project included hundreds of problematic pitch pockets. The pitch pockets were removed and several dozen HVAC units were elevated and placed on Portable Pipe Hangers eliminating the membrane penetrations.  All the conduit and chiller lines were transferred through specially designed conduit boxes that minimized any chance of moisture from entering.  This is an example of the work not addressed by the original process, prior to RSI drastically improving quality.

RSI, through its thoughtful design process, was able meet the criteria and challenges required by EDS.

Project Profiles – Documented Cost Savings
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