Project Profiles – Malls

Roof Solutions has managed dozens of malls which total several million square feet.

Roof Solutions Incorporated (RSI) has been involved with malls of all types of constructions. Typical malls today are fairly standard with metal decks and reasonable slope. We have had ourshare of these projects and the demands they impose. RSI is unique in that we also have a great deal of exposure to malls that are anything but standard construction. We were involved in the roof renovation of the Century 21 Department Store at Ground Zero after the collapse of the Twin Towers devastated this facility. This renovation began within weeks of the tragedy and had to accommodate not only customers but regulators and security forces. The construction was also historical in nature, and details utilized copper, lead coated copper, and artisans posing as roofers.

At the opposite end of the East Coast we have been involved in the design and implementation of reroofing projects in Miami incorporating the most stringent wind criteria in the country. Florida has adopted the International Building Code. However, Florida’s addenda and revisions are far reaching in regard to roofing in high velocity wind zones. Dozens of malls and millions of square feet have been addressed up and down the east coast.

Experience with projects, beyond normal demands, allows us to bring a higher degree of understanding to a project. This is reflected in our designs and more importantly in field management where the rubber meets the road. Put us to work for you and watch your roofing dollar achieve more than you thought possible while getting it right the first time.