Project Profiles – Industrial
Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Production

Roof Solutions has managed Westinghouse’s roofs with its Solution Management Program for the past ten years. Through this aggressive roof data management program Westinghouse has had the capability to properly maintain its existing roofs and successfully design and execute roof replacement.

Roof Solutions has met many challenges at this facility. The greatest has been to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Roof Solutions has monitored the exterior and interior roof conditions at the facility in an effort to prevent what is referred to by the NRC as a “criticality.”

As with all our clients, we specify the system and approach that will best fit the individual roof’s needs. Roof Solutions has designed four radically different systems at this facility maximizing performance and minimizing cost: Siplast modified bitumen, Tremco cold BUR gravel surface, Stevens single ply thermoplastic, and coal tar pitch have all been successfully installed and maintained.


Project Profiles – Industrial
Mitsubishi Polyester Film