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Published In: “Roof Warranties- Moving Past Cliche’s Interface Article”

Moving Past Clichés

By Chuck Marvin, RRC

The statements above list some of the more common clichés about roof warranties. Three years ago I attended an RCI meeting with two Registered Roof Observers who, at the time, had been with my company a little over two years. They heard multiple speakers espouse the above clichés to laughter and acceptance by the 80 or so attendees. They were confused because they work for me, where the value of a properly deployed warranty is stressed. MORE>>



Published In: “Roof Decks Quickly Corroded by Insulation Final”

Roof Decks Quickly Corroded by Insulation

By Chuck Marvin, RRC

The roof industry potentially has another “phenolic foam” situation on its hands. Unlike the phenolic challenge from the 1980s and 1990s, today’s damage involves a different insulation corroding metal decks within a few years of original construction. For the corrosion to occur, leaks do not need to be present. The dynamics have been known for over 13 years in nonroof-related industries. Through the process of managing a client’s assets in Southeast Florida, we found ourselves researching and uncovering
a potentially devastating condition. MORE>>


Published In: “Cool and Green Roofing Counterpoint 2007″

Environmentally-Friendly Roofing Systems

By Chuck Marvin, RRC

Many property owners and construction professionals may be surprised to learn they have more of a personal stake in green buildings the they realize. We are all paying for this trend through our tax dollars. MORE>>





Published In: “Roofing Solutions Magazine , Reference Manual for Property Managers, Owners, Architects and Specifiers”

Aggressive Maintenance
Positively Pays Big Dividends
to Building Owners

By Chuck Marvin, RRC

What percentage of your clients have formal aggressive maintenance programs? Do you insist on evaluating the good roofs along with the clients’ specific request to replace older failed roofs? Is every applicable roof surveyed for moisture annually, visually observed, and identified work made a priority? Often it is said, “The owner will not pay for it,” or “it’s too complex.” As roof consultants we should not base our success on the number of roofs replaced but the number we prevent from failing. MORE>>



Published In:
“RCI Interface, Journal of The Roof Consultants Institute”

Asbestos & Roof Consulting:
Watching Your Step

By Chuck Marvin, RRC

The roofing industry now has sanity regarding asbestos regulations at the federal level. This improved situation is due in large part and perhaps completely to the National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA’s) legal action taken against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This became a real life David versus Goliath battle and after several years, Goliath was defeated. MORE>>