Single Source Management

Many manufacturers and contractors will claim to offer “single source” roofing. Many shades of gray develop with contractors manufacturing their own material or manufacturers who install or arrange to install the roof system. Most will offer repair service. Other offerings that may appear creative may include financing, buying materials direct, or manipulating the bid process by controlling cranes, dumpsters, or other big ticket expenses. Since the early 1980’s the “single source” package has taken many forms but has always had one thing in common: They are a bad deal, expensive, and leave the owner exposed.

Regardless of claims, no manufacturer makes all variations of materials and no contractor is equally competitive with all types of systems. Roof Solutions Incorporated (RSI) is thoroughly knowledgeable with all system: Coal tar, asphalt, modified, EPDM, thermoplastic, coatings, urethanes, metal, and more. We know the status of the various manufacturers within these categories. We know which contractors are better suited to specific job requirements. RSI is unique in the industry at matching the proper design, contractor, and material to the specific roof application.

The benefits and savings are documented. Several cases over the last decade involved RSI coming in after a contractor or manufacturer attempted to run a “single source” project with costs established. For various reasons RSI was then hired to design the projects in detail and conduct a competitive bid process. In all cases the original “single source” system was included along with two or more equals agreed to by all parties as being equal. The only variation was superior detailing and instruction through the RSI design. In all cases significant improvement in detail was added but the process always resulted in drastically lower cost. Review our project profiles or article sections for documented examples.

RSI can truly represent the client in an unbiased fashion with no hidden costs. In addition to reroofing design and project monitoring, RSI runs detailed preventative maintenance programs, manages warranty requirements, provides in-house training, conducts a permitting process for all roof top modifications, and more. Only RSI can provide unbiased, single source representation custom tailored to your specific needs.

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